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In January of 2015 we had our first Fund raising event. There was a donation website and tricky tray benefit dinner where over 450 people attended and raised nearly $75,000 to help with the mounting medical expenses and also the necessities needed to accommodate Paulette's current needs.  The monies raised were used to pay down medical expenses and purchase some equipment, but there were expenses that were not expected.  Because Paulette was  longer able get to her second floor bedroom and bathroom, the Zirpoli's family room was converted to her bedroom and  a 6x10 extension was built on her home for a wheelchair accessible bathroom.  Also funds were used to purchase of a used wheelchair accessible van in order to get her to doctor appointments as well as the hire of a part-time daily Health AID, which isn't covered by insurance, was important to help her with her day to day necessities and allow Steve to work  

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